Hyman, English Native Speaker

„If you cannot do great things do small things in a great way”

Napolean Hill

It gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure meeting new people and sharing life's experiences. 

I come from a family that has taught me from a very young age how important it is to communicate effectively with people. I do believe that this is why today I am such a confident speaker and strong mentor.

My father was a larger than life character who would jump out of his car in the middle of traffic and sing and dance in the street. "Smile on everyone, and when life gives you lemons, MAKE LEMONADE".

My love for teaching started while I was an undergraduate in College in New York City. One of the language center staff dropped into one of the classes I was in and invited students to donate their time at the Language Center, tutoring foreign students. The love affair began. It makes my heart shine working with students from all over the world and at various levels. When you begin to witness a student making progress and gaining confidence in learning and speaking English, there is no better feeling. I also teach Yoga and Nutrition. Our bodies are our temples and food has a very profound effect on how we feel and operate, daily.

My passion for teaching students English is coupled with my love for working with children. I am by nature a very animated and theatrical person. When I am around children I like to sing and dance my way into their heart. In the past I have used puppet therapy as a way to break through barriers with children and allow them to express trapped emotions due to traumatic events in their lives.The reward for watching a small child open up themselves and begin to identify with their emotions is truly earth shattering.

Educated at a private art school upstate New York (SAGE) and continuing my education at the Hunter College in NYC, It has been quite a ride experiencing a wealth of fascinating professors who have given me an opportunity to communicate and leverage my abilities on so many levels. Life is magical and I have learned to never sacrifice my magic to please others. Let your heart shine as you grow,  smile along the way as life is truly a journey and our time is limited.

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